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Welcome To My Blog!

Just Graduated! A New Engineer In The World!

Woo hoo!!! After 5 long years of school, a very rewarding Co-op experience, amazing team projects, many wonderful times had and lifelong friends made, I am finally a real engineer! To be more specific, I have graduated the University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering as a Computer Engineer with a Bioengineering minor! All the... Continue Reading →

Winning Not People’s Choice, But People’s Hearts

On the night of April 22nd 2022, my buds and I who had been working all semester on our senior design project, finally presented it to the world at the Design Expo!We had build a wearable soft-hand exoskeleton training device under the mentorship of Dr. Guangyong Li. It was so cool! It communicated through bluetooth,... Continue Reading →

My Third CO-OP Rotation At Mosebach!

Wow! My Third rotation went completely under the radar!I've graduated at the time of writing this (hence me riding a Mosebach Moose). Well if anyone ever finds this post, here's the update--This was an awesome rotation. I had the opportunity to see a full software suite flourish, dependant on an API, that I wrote most... Continue Reading →

My Second CO-OP Rotation At Mosebach!

Hello again Mosebach! While on my second Co-Op rotation, we decided to try and optimize an old industrial metal bending machine that had many inconsistencies. Our team took it apart, reengineered it, and fitted it with an Arduino along with some limit switches to create a sustainable, state-based solution! I got to see every aspect... Continue Reading →

My First CO-OP Rotation At Mosebach!

What an amazing first rotation at Mosebach! As a software engineering co-op at a local manufacturing company, I wasn’t just sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 coding all day-Nope! Most of my time was really spent understanding the people and problems I was working with. Me & Doug From QC Talking About Features... Continue Reading →

"Good Vibrations" SSOE Highlights The Work That The Vibrance Team Has Done In Article!!

"PITTSBURGH (April 4, 2019) … Through the Swanson School of Engineering’s The Art of Making class, an interdisciplinary group of eleven University of Pittsburgh undergraduate students connected with the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD) and Attack Theatre to create a device that can help hearing-impaired children experience music and express themselves through dance..."... Continue Reading →

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